About Us

Oyster Bay serves you the best selection of Oysters in the City. Fine dinning sushi, steak house, sea food lobster. Classic Canadian mix with Asian fusion.


Oyster Bay is an upscale, casual startup restaurant that will leave you with an exquisite palate that you won't forget. With a large assortment of Oysters from the East and West coast, it's sure to please every oyster lover's needs. The menu hosts over a dozen entrees ranging from succulent steaks to creative takes on seafood. The Chef also creates a daily feature that is very distinctive and savory all at an affordable price. Along with these dishes, Oyster Bay also sets a standard for the classic Japanese dish known as sushi. A variety of fresh fish such as sea urchin, tuna, yellow tail, white tuna, salmon, cat fish and other seafood made to order in an arrangement of Nigiri sushi, Maki sushi and combination platters. It doesn't stop there, the restaurant also holds 'happy hour' every night of the week from 10pm to 12am with a various selection of Oysters for a dollar and drink specials. Come join us and experience great food and drinks with friends accompanied by exceptional service.